Thursday, August 25, 2011

on my birthday :)

yeayyy! im 6teen now, sweet 6teen hihi . okay my mother was the first person that wish me lha . ahahaha . but (maxis actually :P) it was a great day . everyone loves this day in the college because the next day we'll 'balik kampung' for celebrating hari raya with our lovelyy family .  em, then ina +++ wish me . hihi thanks coz they still remember it .

but the sad thing is my hubby didnt wish me :( awwwww where is he? im waiting for his wish and speech but . . . nothing . he was forget my birthday? asdfghjkl ! btw my-ex was the second person wishing me even we didnt contact each other . hmm, then i called my hubby . and he was touched cuz i didnt reply his text . ouh , i was basuh-ing my clothes before that . ngeeee~  then after a few minutes talking to him, he ask me that " did you wanted to finish your credits? " my heart was hurt! omg, is he forgetting my bd? then i answer that i got a free call that day . and he asked me again " why you got a free call today?" ouchhh, and now im sure he's not remember-ing my bd . mmm , i dont know what was i felt that time . i just answer that it was my bd . then he said " ouh yaaa! its your bd! im sorry i forget about it" fine, its not i want a present from youuu , but the wish was important for me. mmm , fine lah . i know that you've many things to do, so many works to do ryte :(

huhu. okay, about mydormmates . they gave me a card made-by-hand . ehe . so sweeet of them! i was very appreciate the card you know?! it gives me a new moodd :DDD  next my dearest teha : she makes a special video for me . wowwww! i <3 that video damn muchhhhh !!!

in the class too, they sang a birthday song for me (hihi cool lha al-azhar-ian xD ) that night, our college has a session on forgiving-each-other :)) everyone wishing SELAMAT HARI RAYAAA! yeayyy its tme for raya lahhhh! then that night everyone busy packing stuff for next day . we are sooo excited for balik kampung . oooo~ balik kampung :DDD
selamat hari raya -4 university of al-azhar-

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